Volunteers Needed to Make Our Festival even more Demented!

Are you into Halloween?

Would you like to have fun while raising money for a worthy cause?+

Join the freaks at Northern Nightmares!  We have all kinds of openings for volunteer helpers; everything from helping to sell tickets to getting 'zombified' for The Nightmare Tour to 'Behind The Scenes' help with props, decorations, costuming and more!  It only happens with YOUR help!

Enjoy all the lunacy of this family-friendly festival and you'll also be helping The Strand Theater raise money to keep it going as a state of the art cultural center. 

Volunteer Opportunities are posted below.  Feel free to contact us with any questions or sign up to join the fray all year long.  information@northernnightmares.com  

Props & Gags – The final stop of The Nightmare Tour is the undeveloped parcel behind The Strand Theater. We are looking for help to design and build a series of ‘gags’ that will be used to startle the patrons as the Ghost of The Strand is revealed. Volunteers should have mechanical knowledge and skills to design and build these gags, which usually require electricity and/or hydraulic components that can be easily discharged using a remote control or footpad.

10 or more Volunteers the final two Friday and Saturday evenings in October – Zombies and ghouls are employed to make the Nightmare Tour stops a little more 'lively'. During two stops on the tour, zombies lumber toward the trolley and interact with the riders to give an added thrill. Volunteers should be outgoing, have a sense of humor about the Halloween season and enjoy interacting with others. Either come already made up or we can provide make-up and applicators.  Access to old clothes for costumes is desirable.

Volunteer – final two Friday and Saturday evenings in October – to portray the fictitious Ghost of the Strand. Since we won’t know what the Ghost will be until the contest winner is announced in early October (man, woman, young, old, etc), the only requirement that we can offer at this time is to be outgoing and energetic, and be comfortable interacting with others in an improvisational manner. The ghost’s story is told, the ghost jumps out at the tourists, then interacts with them before disappearing into the night.

It is important to stress that it does NOT have to be the same volunteers each and every time. Substitutions are perfectly fine as long as the skill sets outlined in each area above can be met. We PREFER The Strand Ghost be the same person, but it isn’t necessary.

CALL TODAY FOR DETAILS: 724-742-0400 or send us a note at information@northernnightmares.com



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