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Winners of the 1st Un-beauty Pageant
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As you can see from the photo above, we had a ghoulish time at the last UN-Beauty Costume Pageant 

We offer trophies, banners, gift bags and perhaps a surprise or two, and hope you will consider participating in this year's event.  It is a wonderful family event and a great way of using your Halloween costume several times for the season. We encourage ages 3 to 93, singles and groups.  This event is held on under 'The Fright Fest Tent' , so this is a "rain or shine" contest. 

Again, thank you for your support and Happy Halloween!




Saturday, October 17, 7:30 pm under The Fright Fest Tent

You are cordially invited to be a contestant in our UN-Beauty Halloween Costume Pageant. This extravaganza will be held on Saturday, October 17th under 'The Fright Fest Tent' on the corner of Main St. (Rt. 19) & Grandview Ave (Rt. 68) in Zelienople. The age groups will be broken down so all can be judged age appropriate. The registration fee is just $5.00 per contestant  as our goal is to make the contest affordable to everyone.

The UN-Beauty Pageant will begin at 7:30 pm and continue until each contestant has gotten judged. Make sure to bring comfortable seating and your cameras. There will be a top scorer in each age division, both male and female, that will take home a trophy, banner and a surprise from the Strand Theater. There will also be an award for the best “group” division.

The age groups will be broken down into the following groups:

v    Princess (3-6)

v    Prince (3-6)

v    Young Lady (7-9)

v    Young Gentleman (7-9)

v    Pre-Teen Girl (10-12)

v    Pre-Teen Boy (10-12)

v    Jr. Teen Girl (13-15)

v    Jr. Teen Boy (13-15)

v    Teen Girl (16-18)

v    Teen Boy (16-18)

v    Female (Over 18)

v    Male (Over 18)

v    Groups of 2 or more (Any Age)

You may print out the registration form from this site, fill it out and mail it in or pick up a NN 2009 UN-Beauty Pageant brochure from the theater or local merchants. You can also enter the pageant the night of the event. Remember it is $5.00 per contestant. Each entrant under the age of 16 must have a parent or guardian’s signature on its application. Please read and understand all Rules and Regulations.

There will be only one prize given for the best “Group” division. If your little ones need help on and off stage, you are more than welcome to assist them. Your presence will not affect the judging of the child.

We do reserve the right to turn away any costume that is inappropriate or in poor taste! It is understood that all registration fees are non-refundable without exception.

This is meant to be fun for both children and adults. Each participant will be judged strictly on the costume and how it is presented. Costumes can be homemade or store bought. Be creative and have fun.


v     The contestant must compete in his/her correct age group.

v     The contestant and parent/guardian must give permission to The Strand Theater Initiative to use the child’s photograph for publicity purposes. It is understood no names will be listed on the website.

v     The contestant and parent/guardian agree that the decision of the judges is final and that all scores are confidential.

v     We reserve the right to deny application to any contestant who is dressed inappropriately or in poor taste.

Print Out Application Here
All applications can be mailed to:
Kathie Potemra
304 Park Avenue
Ellwood City, PA  16117
You can bring it with you, along with a $5.00 entrance fee per contestant, on the night of the event.

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